SLAS2013 Media/Analyst Guidelines
January 12-16, 2013
Orlando, FL, USA

The SLAS2013 Media Guidelines are designed to provide editors, reporters and health, medical and technology writers information about SLAS's policies and procedures regarding coverage of the SLAS2013 2nd Annual Conference & Exhibition, being held January 12-16, 2013, at the Gaylord Palms Resort Convention Center, Orlando, FL, USA.

Information about the SLAS2013 2nd Annual Conference & Exhibition program and schedule will be available in October.

For information about SLAS, its structure and member benefits, go to

Media must contact Tom Manning ( or +1.630.256.7527) to register for the meeting or for additional information about the conference. The media registration deadline is December 26, 2012.


SLAS is a global organization that exists to provide forums for education and information exchange to encourage study and advance laboratory science and technology for the drug discovery, agrochemical, biotechnology, chemical, informatics, clinical diagnostic, consumer product, energy, food, forensic, pharmaceutical, security and other industries.

The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) proudly hosts SLAS2013, the 2nd Annual SLAS Conference and Exhibition.

Approximately 4,000 scientists, academicians and business leaders are expected to attend SLAS2013. The conference will include the world's most expansive educational program focused on laboratory science and technology. The SLAS Exhibition will host more than 300+ exhibit booths with companies from around the world, showcasing the latest in laboratory technologies and automation.

The following is offered to fully accredited members of the media:

  • SLAS2013 conference registration (complimentary)
  • Admission to scientific and education sessions
  • Admission to the SLAS2013 Exhibition
  • One-on-one interview opportunities
  • Press room access
  • Press conference access

SLAS has set forth these guidelines governing media and corporate/institutional media activities in order to facilitate coverage of news generated by this annual conference.

SLAS reserves the right to deny admission to any representative who fails to adhere to these policies or who misuses their media privileges to engage in activities other than journalistic pursuits.

Media Registration

Journalists who are employed by accredited news organizations attending the conference for the purpose of editorial coverage will be granted media credentials. Media privileges are reserved for professional journalists and are granted for the express purpose of gathering news and information to provide editorial coverage of the conference. To qualify, journalists are required to submit media credentials including a letter verifying assignment to the meeting on the letterhead of the news organization being represented. The following types of media are encouraged to apply for a conference press pass:

Business and Trade Publications, News Wire Services
Reporters from magazines, newspapers, trade publications and wire services must provide a business card and a current masthead that includes their name. Contributing editors must verify they have been retained to cover SLAS2013 by presenting a letter of assignment.

Television and Radio
Broadcast reporters and producers from news organizations must provide a business card and a letter of assignment.

Analysts must provide a letter of assignment from a recognized analyst firm, a business card and one bylined article from the past six months.

University Publications
University publication reporters must provide at least two bylined articles published within the past six months and must verify they have been retained to cover SLAS2013 by presenting a letter of assignment from the university. University publications are limited to one media representative.

International Media
Representatives from non-U.S. media are required to pre-register by December 26, 2012, in order to receive press credentials to attend SLAS2013. On-site media registration is not available for non-U.S. media due to the need to verify credentials in advance.

Freelance Journalists
Freelance journalists who wish to cover the conference must submit copies of three bylined articles covering a scientific topic in addition to an official letter of assignment from an accredited news organization. In some cases, a copy of the publication/program, and/or proof of editorial freedom from funding sources may be required to establish media status for registration.

Newsletter Media
Newsletters are invited to register one representative to cover the meeting. Newsletter representatives must submit three issues of their newsletter containing information pertaining to science or laboratory technologies. In some cases, proof of editorial freedom from funding sources may be required to establish media status for registration.

Online Media
Journalists working for online media who wish to register as media must work for organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • The website must provide original, editorial news coverage
  • Editorial content must be independent of advertising and sponsorship
  • The site and its content must be overseen by an editorial advisory board
  • Advertising must be clearly identifiable as such

The website must have multiple sponsors and all sponsors must be clearly identified on the website. Companies or organizations producing publications, videos, and/or other electronic media intended for marketing, advertising or public relations purposes may not register as media. "For hire" analysts, public relations personnel, freelance writers and/or individuals from print and online promotion services without an assignment letter from an accredited news organization may not register as media. Registered media are required to wear their SLAS media badges at all times while onsite at SLAS2013. Entry into sessions requires a badge.

Registration is limited to two representatives from any one media outlet. Due to space considerations, newsletters are limited to one representative each. If additional staff is required, please contact SLAS's marketing staff. Media are invited to attend all conference sessions and events. Videotaping educational sessions is strictly prohibited.

Special requests related to media facilities must be made in writing no less than three weeks prior to SLAS2013 and must be approved by SLAS. The SLAS2013 conference has been designated smoke-free. This policy applies to all meeting areas, including the newsroom and other media facilities.

On-Site Guidelines

Media Events
Exhibiting companies and sponsors of the conference are allowed to hold pre-approved press briefings, news conferences and press receptions at SLAS2013. A list of briefings and room locations will be published and available onsite in the press room. Only exhibiting/sponsor company personnel and registered media are allowed to attend press briefings. Non-approved press briefings, news conferences and press receptions are not permitted at the convention center or any time during convention hours. Those companies planning press activities either onsite or offsite must contact SLAS staff at 877.990.SLAS (7527) to register their events. Space availability is limited and not guaranteed. SLAS's name cannot be used in news releases or in any other manner that gives the appearance of an endorsement. The SLAS logo or conference logo cannot be used without explicit written permission from the Society.

Press Room
Media credentials are required for entry to the media room. Company and public relations representatives are NOT permitted in the press room. All public relations and corporate representatives are expected to be respectful of reporters' needs and deadlines. Representatives may leave a message for a journalist and/or post a general announcement by providing their name, affiliation and information to SLAS's media relations staff. Dissemination of informational material in the vicinity outside the newsroom/press conference room is strictly prohibited.

Press Room Rules
Companies may bring media kits for review by SLAS's marketing staff. Information included should be limited to science or technologies being presented at the conference. Media kits can include: fact sheets, backgrounders, etc. Corporate brochures will not be allowed in the press room unless they are included as part of a media kit. Please note that media kits cannot be reviewed prior to the meeting. Media kits cannot be shipped directly to the convention center or to SLAS's headquarters office. SLAS reserves the right to remove any media kits from the convention center and press room that it deems to be questionable or objectionable. Copies of SLAS's media kit will be located in the press room.

Photography, Video and Audio Recording
Photography, audio or video recording by public relations firms or any member of the media or other representative of their organization on the premises of the SLAS2013 conference or exhibition is strictly prohibited without express and written permission from SLAS. SLAS reserves the right to bar from this and future meetings any representative who fails to adhere to these policies. If you have questions, please contact the SLAS marketing department:

Tom Manning
SLAS Director
Marketing and Communications