New Product Launches to Debut at SLAS2013

The SLA2013 Exhibition showcases the latest trends and advances in laboratory science and technologies spanning across diverse industries, including: drug discovery and development, informatics, clinical diagnostics, food and agricultural sciences, forensics and security sciences, petrochemicals and energy, and consumer products. SLAS2013 is the premier venue to showcase cutting-edge new products ready to hit the market.

Agilent Technologies (Booth #1007)

A significant leap forward in workflow automation, the Encore Multispan System is a completely new platform that enables true sample-to-analysis automation. It combines innovative multispan pipetting capabilities with the reach of a built-in robotic arm and intelligent software control for game changing workflow automation, productivity and throughput.

Alpaqua Engineering (Booth #1633)

Alpaqua Low Elution (LE) Volume Magnet Plate
The Alpaqua LE Magnet Plate is designed for use with reduced elution volumes of 8 - 10µl and is compatible with most 96-well PCR plates. These plates maximize bead recovery while ensuring the highest possible product concentration.

Alpaqua 96M Magnum™ Plate
The Alpaqua 96M Magnum Plate contains extra strong ring magnets for rapid, 96-well format magnetic bead separation. Use this powerful magnet plate to perform your most challenging separations up to 40% faster. The Magnum Plate is also ideal for use with viscous samples like blood or serum.

Andrew Alliance (Booth #1711)

Andrew, the novel pipetting robot using manual pipettes, takes reproducibility and time savings to any professional active in the lab - without the complexity and cost of liquid handling workstations.

Apricot Designs, Inc. (Booth #400)

Total Pipetting Solutions — EZ
TPS-EZ pipettors use a new concept for automated loading and unloading of pipette tips and an on-deck plate handler that allows walk-away automation for applications such as SPE, ELISA, Magnetic Bead DNA Separation and more.

Total Pipetting Solutions TPS-112 and TPS-24
TPS-112 and TPS-124 feature a combination of 1 to 12, or 1 to 24 channels pipettors with low volume single channel, allowing for better automation of methods with tubes and plates, ideal for PCR preparation.

BioTek Instruments (Booth #1315)

BioTek launches the 405 Washer with Verify™ Technology. Verify, the latest enhancement in the 405 Microplate Washer line, identifies clogged tubes in the wash manifold and visually displays them to the user. The patented combination of Verify Technology and the Ultrasonic AdvantageTM provides a complete solution to detect, clean and maintain the 405 wash manifold.

BSSN Software (Booth #324)

Bioprocess Manager
This next-generation bioprocess development and execution platform manages upstream and downstream processes with associated analytics in a single system. Real-time instrument integration, live dashboards and strong analytical data handling enable new levels of productivity. Learn more:

Burkert Fluid Control Systems (Booth #1720)

Customized Manifold Solutions
Burkert's single-source design, production and complete testing solutions for custom manifolds offers CAD modeling to flow simulation, rapid prototyping, and testing; partnering with the customer to develop a specialized solution for the given application.

Freeslate, Inc. (Booth #1238)

CM Protégé Powder Dispense System
The CM Protégé Powder Dispense System is an automated powder dosing system for precise, traceable, and accurate dispensing of sub-milligram to gram quantities of even the most difficult-to-handle solids to a wide range of containers.

Gilson, Inc. (Booth #1601)

The Gilson PIPETMAX 268 is a small footprint automated pipetting platform built to be accessible to any lab. This flexible platform accommodates custom protocol development and simple, pre-developed protocols.

Global Innovation Network Oy (Booth #935)

GIN Delilah liquid handling robot increases productivity compared to traditional solutions, saves space in clean room and on desk top. Its modular user-friendly design and silent operation are unrivalled.

iAutomation (Booth #439)

The Bottle Lift System will set a new standard in chromatography lab safety, enabling ergonomic bottle management at a safe, comfortable height. It will be unveiled at the SLAS show.

igus, Inc. (Booth #1139)

DryLin JFRM High-Helix Trapezoidal Lead-Screw Nut
The DryLin JFRM trapezoidal lead-screw nut is ideal for precise positioning and feed movements on laboratory equipment. The zero-backlash system ensures minimal reverse clearance for life and runs without lubrication.

Labcyte (Booth #1121)

The Echo 525 uses focused acoustic energy to rapidly transfer aqueous reagents. Cleanly, accurately, and precisely transfer all reagents for genomic or biochemical screening assays without tips or nozzles.

Micronic America (Booth #1614)

Univo Electric Capper
Univo Electric Capper seals an entire rack of 96 tubes within 7 seconds. It works with all Micronic plug style caps. Univo seals the range of Micronic tubes from 0.50ml to 1.40ml without using adapters.

2D Data-Matrix Handheld Scanner
The Micronic 2D Handheld Scanner can read any 1D or 2D barcode quickly and reliably. It is fully compatible with Micronic laser-etched 2D Data-Matrix coded tube range and other coded tubes.

2.00ml Tube Range in 96-well Configuration
Micronic now offers a range of 2.00ml storage tubes that combine higher sample storage capacity and sample traceability. They are available with alphanumeric or unique laser-etched 2D Data-Matrix codes on the tube.

6.00ml Storage Tube
Micronic introduces a new 6.00ml screw cap sample storage tube for large solid or higher volume liquids. Precapped with 2D Data-Matrix codes laser-etched into the bottom, they are ideal for a variety of storage applications.

Molecular Devices, LLC (Booth #801)

MetaXpress® Software 5.0
MetaXpress® Software 5.0 for ImageXpress® High Content Screening Systems — build custom analysis easily and quickly! Learn more about interactive analysis creation, superior phase-contrast segmentation, and single-click object identification at or visit Booth 801.

QPix 420
The new QPix 420 is the final product in the QPix 400 series of microbial colony pickers. The system combines state-of-the-art software and hardware, including fluorescent imaging to bring you the ultimate performance.

Nova Biostorage+ (Booth #300)

BioCookie Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
The BioCookie extraction kit efficiently purifies nucleic acids from blood or other biological samples within the same pipette tip, is automation-friendly, and takes only 15 minutes — at about $5 per sample.

Practichem (Booth #537)

Choose Small. Choose Brainy. Choose Arista™. The small, modular Arista protein purification system integrates a modern interface, amazing service contract and an affordable price. Learn more:

VistaLab Technologies, Inc. (Booth #1910)

Custom Reagent Reservoirs
We work with you to develop exactly what you need. Custom sizes and configurations & packaging (eg: double wrapped sterile). Custom materials (eg: no animal content), colors, Sterile, RNase/DNase certified, pyrogen free, trace metal certified.

Wittenstein, Inc. (Booth #327)

Synchronous motor with compact amplifier — more power in a smaller package!
The "simco drive" servo amplifier and new cyber dynamic DC motors are ideal for production applications involving high acceleration or short motions with frequent changes of speed. Learn more: